Red Stretch Marks: 5 Quick Remedies for a Clear Skin

Red Stretch Marks: 5 Quick Remedies for a Clear Skin

Pregnancy is a time of joy for most pregnant women: you have a new life growing by the minute inside of you and this fact can come with a feeling of awe and happiness. However, birthing this bundle of joy sometimes also comes with a price, sometimes more, and one of these prices is the appearance of red stretch marks on various parts of your body.

Red stretch marks are the ban of pregnancy and every woman dreads them. These unsightly markings, can appear on any part of your body including your thighs, hips, back, stomach, shoulders and boobs. They could also appear on more conspicuous parts of your body, making you a little self conscious of your physical appearance.

Stretch marks, while being predominantly red or pink, can also assume a number of colours like, purple, yellow, brown and tan and come about as a result of tiny tears in the supporting layers underneath your skin.

Up to 90% of women develop stretch marks and for most, these marks do not fade away post pregnancy but would require moderate to extensive home or over-the-counter remedies to do so.

red stretch marks
red stretch marks

What Causes Red Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

Stretch marks typically occur in the second trimester of pregnancy from the 13th to the 21st weeks and is caused by a variety of factors that most times can’t be prevented. Also, while women of all ages are at risk of it, younger women have a higher risk of developing those lines also caused beauty marks. Other factors that predisposes you to red stretch marks include

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For women who had their mother or other close relative develop stretch marks during pregnancy or at other times, chances of also developing this skin blemish is higher. While they can’t prevent these marks from developing they can extensively reduce how much of these marks appear or are visible.

2.Sudden Weight Gain

Women or men who have gained a rapid amount of weight, especially over a short period of time are also at risk of developing red stretch marks. This is because your body expands faster than your skin can accommodate, causing the supporting layers under the skin to tear.

Other Facts about Stretch Marks

  • Light skinned women are more likely to develop red stretch marks during pregnancy than their darker counterparts.
  • Being female and pregnant are two risk factors of stretch marks.
  • Making use of medications with some amounts of corticosteroid also increases your risk of developing these marks.
  • Going through breast enlargement surgery have also been known to increase your risks of stretch marks.
  • Certain genetic disorders like Marfan syndrome and Cushing’s syndromes or any other disease that weakens your skin’s fibers also increases your risks of red stretch marks.
  • Men also develop stretchmarks and men on steroid medications or men into weightlifting and body building are at risks of stretch marks.
  • Ehlers-Danlos syndrome has also been known to increase the risk of red or other types of stretch marks in men.

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks

A lot of people prefer home remedies for stretchmarks and thankfully, there are a few to choose from. Some of these home remedies however, are more a way to prevent or reduce the severity of the appearance of these red stretch marks than an actual cure for it.

Some of the home remedies for stretch marks you can find include:

  • Taking lots of water, since water keeps your skin hydrated, which is believed to reduced the risks.
  • Eating foods that boost collagen production which counters the effect of the overstretching of your skin. Some of these collagen boosting foods include foods high in vitamin C like strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi fruits, papaya, raspberry, broccoli, brussels sprouts, grape fruits, cabbage, pea, and kale. Other foods that boost collagen production include oysters, meat, bone broth, chicken, egg whites, fish, shellfish, garlic, beans, cashews, tomatoes, and bell pepper.
  • While eating foods that boost collagen production, you should avoid those that can destroy collagen such as too much sugar and refined carbohydrates.
  • Watch your weight as sudden weight gain almost always leads to the development of red stretch marks.
  • Make use of stretch marks prevention lotion.
red stretch marks
red stretch marks

Stretch Mark Products to Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Dermatologists recommend making use of stretch marks products when pregnant, body building or going through any such activities that have been known to increase your risks of developing stretch marks. What these products do is that they boost your skin’s elasticity, making it double hard for the layer to over stretch to the point of tearing.

Some good stretch mark products that will help you prevent these unsightly marks include Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil for Stretch Marks or Body Merry Stretch Marks Cream.

Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil for Stretch Marks come in a 3.4 Fluid Ounce and is clinically proven to prevent or fade the marks over time.

Some benefits of the Weleda Pregnancy Body Oil for Stretch Marks INCLUDE:

  • Diminishes the visible appearance of red stretch marks on any part of your skin.
  • Helps retain and maintain your skin’s moisture.
  • Increases your skin’s elasticity and texture.
  • Hydrates your skin without being greasy.
  • Softens your skin, making it supple and tender to the touch.
  • Made from natural products, which is great news if you have SENSITIVE skin.
  • Gives your skin that extra, tender care it needs, especially during pregnancy.


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