Is breast milk good for your skin? 10 skin conditions baby and adult cure with breast milk

Is breast milk good for your skin? This is a question many health enthusiasts ask. If you have been asking this same question then take time to read this article to the end to find the answer.

For every kid, growing strong and healthy means a regular diet of the natural nutrient-filled milk which nature has blessed every mum, but other than a source of food, can value be derived from breast milk in terms of other uses? Often, questions do arise in terms of applying breast milk to the skin, you may wonder if it is safe, what are the benefits or dangers and how do I apply breast milk to benefit my skin

To answer “is breastmilk good for your skin”, the answer is “YES”. Breast milk is a highly nutritious liquid, it composes of antibodies, and stem cells which can be extremely beneficial to the skin in various ways, such as curing minor skin infections, examples of which are acne, diaper rash, eczema, skin sore, dry nipple, burns, among many others.

We shall elaborate more on everything you need to know about the application of breast milk, some skin conditions that can be cured with breast milk, and how to go about preparing breast milk for skincare application.

How is breast milk good for the skin?

A nursing mother’s milk has numerous benefits as earlier confirmed, and one of its many usefulness is its skin application. Breast milk contains anti-inflammatory, anti-infection, and antioxidant properties, making it a great choice to fight off a host of infections associated with the skin. 

The anti-inflammatory property helps to suppress any sensitive skin reaction and promotes healthy skin, the anti-infection property helps to protect the skin against minor skin infections such as rashes and eczema, and the anti-oxidant property of milk helps protect against UV rays such as sun damage, skin cancer and overall improves the health and quality of the skin.

Given these benefits, breast milk has been used culturally from time immemorial and often, doctors do prescribe breast milk as a remedy to various skin conditions, these prescriptions are in different forms, compositions, and applications, and I shall consider some common skin conditions that can be cured/controlled with breast milk and how breast milk can be applied to cure/control these skin conditions.

10 skin conditions you can cure with breast milk 

To address the question, “Is breastmilk good for your skin”? Here are some skin conditions you can cure with breast milk and steps to use breast milk during treatment.

1. Atopic Eczema

Breast milk for Atopic Eczema | Sound Health and Lasting Wealth

Atopic eczema is an itchy inflammation of the skin, usually occurs in infants and mostly occurs in those with a history of the disease in the family, it occurs as a rash on the arm, knee or any other part of the skin, this type of skin disease can be tricky to treat but milk has been proven to be an effective cure.

To cure atopic eczema using milk, collect fresh human milk and add a 1% hydrocortisone to the milk, then apply the composition to the surface for at least, a period of 21 days.

2. Diaper dermatitis

This is an inflammation on the buttock, usually appears like a red patch, and is caused by wet napkins, diarrhea, a change in diet, etc. 

Human milk has been proven to cure diaper dermatitis, and this is done using a similar composition as it is used for atopic Eczema. Add a 1% hydrocortisone to a milk composition and apply it to the area for a period of 7 days, although to treat diaper dermatitis, hydrocortisone isn’t a necessary component, fresh human milk is equally effective as adding hydrocortisone.

3. Painful nipples

Painful nipple is a common problem experienced by nursing mothers, this can be an irritating condition but human milk has proven to be an effective cure.

To cure painful nipple using fresh human milk, apply a few drops of breast milk to the nipple and areola and allow it to dry, do this for 14 days and you shall notice some improvement.

4. Rough and dry skin

A rough and dry skin may leave your skin looking unattractive and may cause irritation from breakage, this is usually caused by an unbalance skin pH, cold weather, excessive washing among many others, but this condition can be treated with fresh milk.

The most effective method is to consume fresh milk in its raw form, this should be continued for over 21 days and you will begin to notice the change, another method is to add milk to an organic body lotion composition and bath soap.

5. Acne

Acne is a skin condition, occurring when hair follicle become clung with oil and dead skin cells, it can be irritating, painful and make your skin unattractive by leaving a scar, it appears mostly in teenagers but can be cured with milk.

The presence of Laurie acid in breast milk makes it a suitable substance to cure acne, to use, simply dip a clean woolen bud into fresh breast milk and apply it on the spot twice daily for 21 days.

6. Skin Sore

Sores on the skin are openings caused by various factors such as accident and inflammation, the healing process can be hastened by the application of breast milk.

To apply breast milk to a sore, dip a woolen bud in fresh milk and apply it to the surface, twice daily for 7 days. 

7. Minor Burns

minor burns and scales can be treated with breast milk, to do this, dip a woolen bud in fresh milk and apply it to the burn twice daily for 7-10 days.

8. Skin cancer

These are skin cells that grow abnormally on the skin, mostly in areas that are mostly affected by the sun, the antioxidant property of breast milk prevents this type of cancer from growing on the skin, to apply breast milk to skin cancer, dip a clean woolen bud into fresh breast milk and apply it twice daily for 21 days.

9. Sunburn

Similar to skin cancer sunburn can also be treated using breast milk, dipping a clean woolen bud to fresh milk, apply it twice daily for 21 days.

10. Pale Skin

This condition is associated with the loss of color from the skin, leading to paleness, studies have proven that consuming fresh milk can help cure pale skin, this should be done for over 7 days.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Here are some questions you may have regarding the use of breast milk on the skin

Does breast milk promote skin whitening? No, rather breast milk can help retain skin color and clear irregular occurrence.

Breastmilk for stretch mark: Does it work? According to a Facebook post, breast milk may be useful in clearing stretch marks, although this has not been proven clinically.

Are there any side effects if I use breastmilk on my skin? Yes, there are some side effects, breast milk can cause some complications or inflammation if applied to a sore or open wound, this is because bacteria can easily grow in breast milk, to reduce the chance of getting infected, good hygiene should be maintained 

Final note…

Breast milk being a naturally nutrient-rich food can also be beneficial for the skin, given its anti-inflammation, anti-infection, and anti-oxidation properties, if you have been skeptical about using this natural gift, maybe it’s time to reconsider.



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