Quick Aging: 25 Everyday Habits That Can Cause You To Age Fast

Quick Aging can happen to anyone if care is not taken on time.

It is not uncommon for people to wish they remain as fresh and agile as they were in adolescence, but, unfortunately, aging is inevitable.

As we grow older, humans age in every aspect, both internally and externally. This is because body processes slow down as we grow older leading to a recession that develops wrinkled skin and fatigue, but if these signs occur earlier, it is termed early aging and it is an abnormal condition.

If you experience any sign of early aging, it may be difficult to combat because it is a natural process, but like earlier stated, it is abnormal if these signs occur earlier, therefore you must have experienced this symptom due to an unhealthy habit, and to combat this, you must watch your everyday habit.

This article will discuss the signs to watch out for and 25 daily habits that cause early aging.

Quick Aging: 25 Everyday Habits That Can Cause You To Age Fast

Signs That You Aging Prematurely

Signs that you’re aging prematurely. Adulthood starts at the age of 35, at this time, you may begin to experience some aging symptoms, which are peculiar to adulthood, but experiencing these symptoms at an age anywhere below this is considered abnormal and is termed “early aging”. Below are some signs indicating that you are aging earlier than expected.

 Hyper-pigmentation along the chest: This is a patchy discoloration along the chest, usually occurring due to a prolonged exposure to the sun, although this condition may be caused by other factors, including eczema and pimples, it is also a sign of aging to watch out for.

Sun spots: Similar to hyper-pigmentation, are spots appearing on the skin due to prolonged sun exposure, they may develop on any part of the skin and usually occur at the age of 40 or above, but people with fairer skin may experience this earlier.

Skinny hands: As you grow older, your skin contains less of the proteins that give the skin its shape, making it appear more veiny and thin, the average age for this to start appearing is unknown but if you notice it, it may be a sign of premature aging.

Wrinkles and sagging: The production of collagen, the protein which gives the skin its shape, slows down at the age of 30, you start noticing your skin depreciating and sagging, mostly around the forehead. If you notice this earlier, it may be a sign of aging, but this can also be a result of any other health condition.

Dry skin: As you approach the age of 40, you may notice your skin getting drier and itchy, this is as a result of dehydration in thinner skin, but if you notice this condition earlier, it may be a sign of premature aging

Hair loss: Hair loss can also be a sign of premature aging. on average, 40% of women over the age of 70 experience hair loss, while in men, over 50% of men over the age of 50 experience hair loss. Therefore, you should watch out for any signs of hair loss at an earlier age.

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25 Every Day Habits That Cause One Quick Aging

1. Worrying and anxiety: Worrying and anxiety cause quick aging, this is because anxiety shortens telomeres, a cap on the edge of a chromosome that protects it from damages, the older ones get, the shorter the telomere becomes, but worrying heightens the pace at which they shorten.

2. Smoking: When you smoke, toxins are released which exposes your skin to oxidation, causing wrinkles and dryness.

3. Prolonged exposure to the sun: Quick tanning and prolonged exposure to the sun made you susceptible to UV-Ray, which damage your DNA and cause wrinkles.

4. Sleeping habits: A poor sleeping habit may cause you quick aging, this is because sleep helps your body to regenerate but if you deny yourself good quality sleep, you may experience the signs of aging associated with stress.

5. Diet: A poor diet can lead to early signs of aging, this is because good food, containing balanced nutrients can help you look fresher, but a poor diet, such as a high intake of sugar can damage your skin.

6. Genetic condition: Some rare genetic conditions, such as Werner syndromes, and Hutchinson- Gilford syndrome can cause the signs of early aging, these are known as Progeria.

7. Alcohol: High intake of alcohol can cause shapeless and sagging skin, this is because alcohol dehydrates your body.

8. Stress: A stressful lifestyle triggers stress hormone, which causes your body to age faster.

9. Environmental pollution: Aging symptoms such as dark spots and wrinkles can be caused or worsened by environmental pollution.

10. Heavy consumption of meat: According to a recent analysis of 1.5 million people in the journal of the American Osteopathic Association, it is revealed that the risk of mortality is higher in those who consume more meat than those who consume more vegetables, this means that heavy consumption of meat leads to quick aging which increases mortality rate.

11. Prolonged sitting: This may come off as shocking but prolonged sitting (at least 8hrs daily) decreases blood circulation, high cholesterol levels, and poor sugar circulation. These are factors aid age-related disease.

12. High intake of sugar: If you crave sweet foods, you are increasing the chance of aging faster, high sugar overwhelms the body, inhibiting the production of protein, such as collagen and elastin, these are important proteins that keeps the body in good shape.

13. Lack of exercise: Exercise helps relieve your body of bad cholesterol, the lack of it may increase your chance of aging faster.

14. High intake of white grain: White grains are grains that have been stripped of their nutrient-rich shell, they offer little nutrients to the body and are not different from consuming sugar, a high intake of white grain will cause quick aging.

15. You don’t take green teas: Green teas are not just excellent in burning stomach flabs, but are also proven to prolong life expectancy, taking green tea daily will help decrease the chance of aging quicker.

16. Low intake of fish: Fishes are proven to possess the capability to prevent UV damage, a major cause of aging, if you aren’t eating fish, you should start doing so now.

17. High intake of caffeine: Consuming high coffee, especially into the day (after 3pm) may affect your sleep time and quality, which is associated with quick aging.

18. Excessive drinking: Excessive consumption of drinks, especially sugary drinks may cause cell damage.

19. Margarine: A common cooking ingredient that contains trans fat, which are unhealthy for the skin and may lead to quick aging.

20. High consumption of fried foods: Deep-fried food produces free radicals which cause damage to the internal organs and subsequently cause quick aging.

21. Less consumption of organic foods: Eating inorganic foods exposes you to toxins that causes quick aging.

22. Eating Charred food: charred foods may contain carcinogenic chemicals, which may cause changes to DNA

23. Microwaving: Frozen foods are notoriously high in sodium, which can cause dehydration and water retention.

24. Improper eye care: The eye ages faster, it is advisable to visit the eye doctor regularly for proper checkups and possible medication.

25. High consumption of processed meats: Processed meats are usually preserved, the preservatives used in processed meats are highly inflammatory and may cause early aging.

These are some of the daily habits that may cause early aging, if you are guilty of one or more, maybe it is time to reconsider.




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