How often should you have sex to get pregnant or have a baby? – Doctors answer

How often should you have sex if you want to have a baby is explained, by Dr. Adam Massey, in this article

According to Dr. Adam Massey, CEO of Cortigenix, a preventative health company, there is no magic number.

Rather,  he said, “the more frequently couples have sex, the better for enhancing their odds of conception.”

In other circumstances, it’s not the frequency with which you have sex that matters, but rather your overall health – more on that later.

Buttressing on how often you should have sex to conceive a baby, doctors at the NHS recommend having sex every two to three days.

Some experts, however, believe that you can have sex once a day – there is no limit other than your own.

“The highest pregnancy rates occur in couples who have sex every day or every other day,” Mayo Clinic experts warn.

“Have intercourse right before ovulation. If daily sex isn’t possible — or delightful — schedule sex every two to three days per week.”

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How often should you have sex to get pregnant or have a baby? – Doctors answer

Fertile period – High chance of getting pregnant 

There is a specific period of the month when you will have the best odds. When the woman is ovulating, the pair should have the most sex. Ovulation is a natural stage of a woman’s menstrual cycle that happens 10 to 16 days before her next period. When an egg is released from an ovary, ovulation occurs, and the woman is at her most fertile.

Only 12 to 24 hours is enough time for the egg to hatch. The egg may be fertilized if sperm is present during that time.

Tender breasts, thinner and slicker discharge, and a little shift in body temperature are all signs that a woman is ovulating.

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How often should you have sex to get pregnant or have a baby? – Doctors answer

When it comes to getting pregnant, how long does it take?

So, how long do you have to continue bonking on a regular basis before something happens?

Professor Charles Kingsland, CARE Fertility’s Group Clinical Director, told The Sun: “Believe it or not, the average number of times you require sex to deliver a baby is over 100 [14 weeks].

“Couples who are extremely fertile bond rapidly. Couples that aren’t as fertile take longer.

“We talk about sex considerably more than we do it, and the amount of sex we have in the UK has halved in the previous 50 years.”

According to one study, it takes 185 days from intending to conceive to receiving a positive pregnancy test, or six months and three days, and couples have sex on average 13 times a month while trying to conceive.

According to the NHS, eight out of ten couples will become pregnant within a year of trying.

This is supported by a research that followed the sex lives of 782 young couples till there were 487 pregnancies.

According to BBC Future, the biggest chances for pregnancy appeared two days before ovulation, at roughly 25%.

Outside of this time, the chances of success decline to less than 5%, demonstrating that ovulation is the ideal time for success.

A young couple has a one in 20 chance of becoming pregnant on any one day, which increases to one in four chances for a short time.

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If they have sex regularly without contraception and are under 40 years old, it is believed that between 80 and 90 percent of couples will become pregnant within a year.

After that, expectant parents may want to consult their doctor about fertility tests.

It also means that if you want to start a large family, getting pregnant several times might take a lot of time and effort, especially as you become older.

Are there any positions that aid pregnancy?

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How often should you have sex to get pregnant or have a baby? – Doctors answer

If you’re trying for a baby, missionary may be the best option.

Sperm can be placed as close to the cervix – the entryway to the womb – as feasible in any sex position that allows for deep penetration.

However, there isn’t enough evidence to back up this notion scientifically.

Sperm can usually go through the vaginal canal if the man ejaculates into it.

After intercourse, some women position a pillow beneath their hips to help the sperm migrate by tilting the pelvis higher. Standing up would have the exact opposite effect.

Couples who are trying to conceive should consider the following suggestions.

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How often should you have sex to get pregnant or have a baby? – Doctors answer


Our living habits can sometimes have a negative impact on fertility and should be changed while attempting to conceive.

Our everyday habits are, without a doubt, the most important component in determining our success rates.

“Your fertility is not only about how many times you have sex,” Dr. Massey explained. “It’s also about if there are any underlying abnormalities in either the guy or the woman or both.”

“For someone who does not have a recognized fertility problem, their inner wellness is critical, with hormone levels like cortisol making a significant difference in odds of conception and a successful pregnancy.”

According to the NHS, both men and women who are trying for a baby should not:

Smoke and consume alcoholic beverages
Abuse caffeine.
Do Strenuous exercise.
Be obese, a condition in which a person is overweight.

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