Trying to increase your breast size after 30, here is what you need to know

Men mostly appreciate women with big breast size, this is the top reason why most women desire this feature, but after the age of 30, you may think all hope is lost. You shouldn’t give up yet, because there are lots of ways to increase the size of your breast, even after the age of 30.

Having a larger breast has numerous benefits, some of which are:

  • You will be found attractive by men
  • You will stand out amid your peers
  • A large breast gives you that mature look
  • A large breast boost your confidence
  • A large breast makes you look more beautiful and sexy
  • And lastly and none conventionally, a large breast helps you to win some uncommon favor. Winks: ‘remember? Men love large breasts’.


Now, that you know the importance of having a larger breast, I believe the desire to increase your breast size must have doubled, if that is the case, you are probably thinking of how to go about it, regardless of your age, well there are choices, but I will help you to choose the best.


7 tips to increase breast size

Massage: Breast massage is a good way to naturally increase the size of your breast, massage relaxes the breast muscle, giving it room for enlargement, it is also advisable to use lubricants while doing a breast massage, lubricants such as olive oil and fennel seed oil are great massaging oils.

Breast massage can be done with a circular stroke, you move your hand around the breast in the opposite direction till they joined at the cleavage, this should be done gently to avoid swelling around the breast, and for an effective result, it should be done at least 75 times a day.


Bra: Changing your bra is another effective method to increase the breast size, this is because some bras are designed to accommodate more breast size, changing to these types of bra may help to increase the size of your breast.


Exercises: You may be wondering if exercise can increase breast size? yes, exercises can’t give you that full rounded breast, but chest development exercises such as push up, wall presses, cobra poses, etc. can help in developing your breast muscle, making it firmer and appearing more fuller.


Cream: Using breast enlarging cream is another method, these are specially formulated creams for increasing breast size, they can be found in the market or bought online from beauty supplement stores, there are of different compositions, but it is more advisable to chose cream that are formulated from natural herbs


Surgery: Breast surgery which involves implantation of synthetic materials into the breast to give it a fuller look is another method, there are specialist hospitals and professional doctors dedicated for this purpose since this is a rather complicated method.

Breast implantation/surgery is rather risky and at the same time highly costly, but a successful implantation is highly rewarding.


Pills: Breast enlarging pills are another method to increase the size of your breast, they are usually less risky and effective and are less costly either, you can find breast enlarging pills in pharmacies and online beauty stores.


Diet: Although no food or diet has been clinically proven to increase breast size, there is some food, considering their nutritional contents and common reports, which are believed to increase breast size, I shall elaborate more on this as we progress.


Beware that having a large breast, though a blissful idea isn’t always rosy, there are disadvantages to having large breast which include:


  • Risk of infection: regardless of which method of breast enlargement you use, there is always the risk of developing infections either through bad hygiene or immune break down.
  • Lost of vital organ and possibly death: this is more prominent if you chose to increase the size of your breast through surgery, like I said earlier, breast implantation is a risky process and complications sometimes arises which can lead to the complete lost of the breast and if not probably treated, death.
  • Nervous breakdown: the breast enlargement cream contains components that work on the sensory nerves which may result to nervous breakdown in case the body is not able to contain it, to minimize this risk, it is best to consult a professional medical doctor before choosing a cream, herbal creams are also less hazardous.
  • Pain and bleeding: this is also associated with breast surgery, you go through pain after the implant, before it finally heal and there may be some loss of blood during the surgery.
  • Obesity: similar to diets, pills, and drugs also contains components that are rich in fat and may lead to obesity.

Having to consider the benefits, ways, and disadvantages of increasing the size of your breast, you will agree with me that the best way to increase your breast after 30 is the natural methods which are listed here, these include exercise, massage, and diets, they are all cost-effective and less hazardous. let’s consider the various foods that may be useful for you to increase the size of your health.


Did you know: the breast size of an average woman changes in shape about six times during her lifetime and only fully mature after pregnancy and lactation.


Foods that increase breast size Naturally


  • Soya: Soya milk and soya bean are an important part of our breast-enlarging diet, these are high protein foods, they contain isoflavones which act like estrogen, helps in breast enlargement, but take note that there are side effects to consuming too many soya. It may affect your menstrual circle and also, consuming too much soya has been associated with breast cancer, therefore you should be mindful of the quantity of soya you are consuming.
  • Whole Milk: These rich-in-fat milk may be really helpful in increasing your breast size, this is because the breast is made of fat and consuming more fatty foods play a good role in increasing the breast size,  but take note that if not consumed moderately, you may end up with an increased body, rather than an increased breast.
  • Saw Palmetto: next on my list is this hormone regulating herb, due to its natural property, this is an awesome food to add to your diet if you desire an enlarged boob, but before taking this food, you should consult you doctor. It is usually available in supplementary form
  • Pawpaw: Pawpaw or Papaya also contains breast enlarging property, it is best combined with milk for a faster result, although this food is not recommended if you are pregnant,  and it should be eaten with caution too, overeating can cause diarrhea.

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The Implication of Increasing the breast size after 30 years of age

Now that you are deciding to increase the size of your breast, you may be wondering “what now!”

Well, below are what to expect:

Patience: like stated earlier, increasing the size of your breast after the age of 30 requires a lot of patience, therefore you should expect to exercise a great deal of patience.

Increase in weight: Some foods listed among recommended diets are fatty foods which are a sure way to increase weight, consuming much of these foods may cause weight increment.

Allergic reaction: You are sure not previously eating most, if not all of the foods listed in this article, switching to these diets may cause an allergic reaction.

Infection: Your body may not be able to take some food for long especially when consumed in excess, example of such food is soya of which excess consumption may cause cancer.

Discomfort: an increment in the breast means an addition to your body which may cause discomfort.

Learning to adjust: you are definitely not used to the newly added flesh, you will need to adjust your sitting position, walking, and sleeping position.

Coping with stares and compliments: and of course, this is to be expected, you are going to notice that you got more stares and not to talk of the comments from friends and acquaintances, you sure need to cope with this.


Final note…

Trying to increase your breast size after the age of 30 may seem quite ambitious, but with the right massage method, exercises, and diet, you are going to have that desired breast size.



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