Think You Might be Pregnant? See 8 Early Signs of Pregnancy that are Never Wrong

Think You Might be Pregnant? See Eight Early Signs of Pregnancy that are Never Wrong

For women trying to get pregnant, it can be exasperating waiting for that time until you can carry out a test. For people who tests too soon, the results almost always comes out negative, even if fertilization has taken place.

It takes approximately 9-16 days post ovulation for a result to show a positive outcome and this happens because the fertilized egg has travelled from the fallopian tube where fertilization took place to implant itself in the uterus, a place where it will stay during the remaining duration of the pregnancy. After this implantation, your body releases enough amount of hCG, the human chorionic gonadotropin into your bloodstream. This pregnancy hormone is what appears on the pregnancy test strip to indicate pregnancy.

If you are anxious to find out pregnancy status, but can’t wait the nine days to two weeks to be sure, there are some early signs of pregnancy you can always look out for that are clear pointers a little one is growing inside of you.

These signs are unmistakable and are most times correct.

8 Very Early Signs of Pregnancy that are Unmistakable

1.Sore Breasts

This is one of the most unmistakable early signs of pregnancy. It’s hard to miss because the pain, while mild, is constantly in your face, pointing to the fact all is not quite well ( or exceptionally well in this case) with your body. Your breasts will feel a little sore and tender to the touch and this happens because there is an increased hormone supply in your system, which in turn boosts the flow of blood to your breasts.

Estrogen is one of the hormones which increases in pregnancy and it stimulates the production of prolactin, which in turn makes the breasts increase in size and also stimulates milk production. Some women experience sore breasts for a few weeks, while for a few others, this soreness can lasts a little longer. If you find this sore breasts a little more painful than you can stand, a slight change in diet can give you the relief you crave overtime. You might want to include lots of leafy greens, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds in your diet and give it a little time for the pain to gradually fade away.

For immediate relief, a good over-the-counter cream or ointment usually works and has been recommended. A few of such remedies include Organic Nipple Butter or Biofreeze for quick relief.

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2.Darkenining Areolas

Going together with your sore breasts are your areolas which become darkened and again, this is caused by a surge in hormone and blood supply to the breasts. The hormones responsible for this change are estrogen and progesterone and your areolas might continue to get darker as your pregnancy progresses.

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Yet another early sign of pregnancy to look out for is cramping. This cramping comes as the regular period-like cramp you experience during your period and a few women mistake it for such. For some women, this cramping lasts a few days to a few weeks, after which it disappears.

early signs of pregnancy
early signs of pregnancy


Spotting is pregnancy is usually a cause for alarm if it happens in later on in your pregnancy as it could be a sign of threatened miscarriage. However, it is usually a good sign when it happens in early pregnancy, one which signifies the fertilized egg has left your fallopian tube to get implanted in your uterus. For most women, this implantation takes place without any physical signs, but for a few others, they will experience a few drops of bloody discharge called spotting which typically lasts a few hours to a few days.

5.Lower Pelvic Pain

Quite a lot of women also report experiencing lower pelvic pain before they even knew they were expecting, especially when they don’t take in enough water. This pain usually resolve though when they get hydrated and is no cause for alarm.

You should however, consider seeing your doctor if the pain presents as sharp dabs and come often as this most often signifies the fertilized egg might have remained and is growing in the fallopian tube in what is called an ectopic pregnancy, a condition that is potentially harmful to the mother.


Bloating is yet another early sign of pregnancy and occurs due to the presence of excess progesterone in your system. This surplus progesterone causes your digestive tract to become relaxed, leading to excess gas build-up, burping, flatulence and bloating.


This early sign of pregnancy is unmistakable and can present itself in a few ways:

  • Your sense of smell becomes heightened and you easily pick up smells you would previously have missed.
  • Your taste changes, becoming more sensitive, a condition referred to as dysgeusia which can occur as early as two weeks into the pregnancy.
    -Your skin could become sensitive so much so you react to products or things your skin had previously accepted.


A lot of women experience heartburn during pregnancy and this happens due to a change in the normal functioning of the digestive system. As earlier said, an increase in the production and supply of the pregnancy hormone, progesterone is the chief reason this happens.

This hormones relaxes the muscles in your digestive tracts, thereby slowing down their function.

trying to get pregnant

Other Early Signs of Pregnancy

Other signs of pregnancy that present as your pregnancy progresses include:

1.Morning Sickness

For most women, morning sickness is the pit and even though you’d been desperately trying to get pregnant, it can make you hate your very existence at that point.

Morning sickness could present as mild nausea and vomiting, or nausea so severe, it hampers your productivity and ability to function normally. It typically occurs in the very hours of the day, but could happen any hour of the day.

Some good remedies for morning sickness include ginger tea, eating crackers, eating smaller meals instead of larger ones, taking flavoured water if plain water aggravates the situation and eating spicy foods.

2.Mood Swing

Mood swings arise due to the surge and play of pregnancy hormones in your system. It is not strange to see a pregnant woman happy one minute and strangely down the next.

3.Missed Period

This is usually the most glaring sign women who are trying to get pregnant look out for, one which then prompts them to take a pregnancy test.

4.Food Aversion

Aversion to certain food is also one sign that points to the fact pregnancy might have occurred. Women would suddenly develop an aversion to food and would react violently if they take it.


It comes in the later part of your pregnancy and could appear in places like your stomach, thighs, hips, arms, shoulders and buttocks. Also, while stretchmarks have no cure, you can greatly fade their appearance by making use of a good cream and one good cream you can use is Green Goo Natural Pregnancy Stretch Mark Cream


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