Real Stories: How Vaginal Dryness Almost Ruined My Marriage

Vaginal Dryness Stories: Shocking Facts about How Vaginal Atrophy Affects Sex

Vaginal dryness is more common than most people realize. Did you know that of the 3.8 billion women around the world, over 600 million women aged 18 – 50 experience vaginal dryness during sexual intercourse.

Women the world over who suffer from this condition report how it has negatively impacted their marriage and sex life.Read the stories of five women and how vaginal dryness nearly ruined their marriage.

“I entered menopause quite early at age 46. At first, I didn’t know the symptoms I was experiencing were menopausal and the worse of them, vaginal dryness, made intercourse very uncomfortable for me. It got so bad I started looking for ways to avoid the act altogether. Then I started using a vaginal lube recommended by a friend and noticed a significant improvement. The vaginal atrophy subsided and intercourse because pleasurable once again.”

Vaginal dryness

“My husband has a somewhat high libido which, thankfully, matches mine and we have enjoyed sexual intercourse. Unfortunately, I started experiencing vaginal dryness a few months ago and this affected our sexual life. However, I stumbled upon testimonies of women who have used vaginal lubricants and how this restored their sexual lives and decided to try it. It brought such great changes to my life.”

“I have been using Female Stimulating Gel for six months ever since I started experiencing vaginal dryness and I must say it has rejuvenated my vaginal tissue, making it possible for me to lubricate naturally. I no longer get pain or discomfort and sex is once more pleasurable for me.”

“I experienced vaginal dryness for months and it was surprising as I’ve always thought only menopausal women experience this condition. It become a huge problem in my marriage as our sexual life suffered. Sexual activity became a chore, something I had to live through. However, help came from a friend who introduced a sexual lubricant to me and this greatly rejuvenated my vaginal health and restored the fun back to my marriage.”

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Vaginal atrophy or dryness is real, but you can beat it. To know more about vaginal dryness and how you can beat it sign up for our news letter.

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